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Chasing Men - Edwina Currie
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Chasing Men - Edwina Currie

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In an age when the fastest growing group in society is the single middle-aged, the divorced, the separated and the never-married, Edwina Currie's new novel tackles this group. Their swelling ranks include those terrified by singledom and those liberated by it; ageing Lotharios, happy bachelors of both sexes and every orientation, and smart women determined to be more than pretty adjuncts to selfish men. But they're not chasing the same outcomes as poor, man-hungry Bridget Jones. Not for them the home mortgage, marriage and children: they've been there, done that, and got the scar tissue to prove it. Hetty Clarkson is an attractive but rather empty-headed woman who once worked in TV. She believed marriage was for life and her lifestyle was traditional. She comes home one day to find her philandering husband in bed with another woman. Her cosy, complacent world implodes: nothing remains. Driven beyond endurance, she divorces him, only to face the future.

371 pages - hard back cover
Condition: never read the book, a bit yellowish as it was on the bookshelf
shipping possible upon request


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