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That's Not My Lion (Usborne)

Age Group:
Babies 0-2 
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Age: 6 months +

There are lots of friendly lions to pet in this fun-to-touch board book. Patches of different textures and bright illustrations
are combined with very simple text to help develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching ears that are “too soft” and paws that are “too rough”. A delightful touchy-feely book with simple, repetitive text. Bright, colourful illustrations with carefully chosen textures to touch and feel on every page. Helps very young children develop language and sensory skills.

Additional information:
Board book
Extent: 10 pages
Dimensions: 160 x 160mm
Author/Editor: Fiona Watt
Illustrator: Rachel Wells

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