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Yourshop.lu unifies innovative entrepreneurs thinking outside the traditional box. Local Handcrafted and Recycled items which are lovingly made are displayed on Yourshop's platform providing the opportunity to these entrepreneurs to exhibit their creative articles on a new sustainable e-marketplace.

Here are the latest statistics at the date of JUNE 2015

Registered Users: 1975
Shops: 682
Objects to sell or give: 6200
Geographic location of sellers: Luxembourg : 94%, Germany: 3%, Belgium: 3%
Orders placed in 2015: average 95/month
Messages sent in 2015: average 400/month
Unique visitors in 2015: average 300/day
Pageviews in 2015: average 1.200/day

We have 3 different possibilities to display your advertisement on Yourshop.lu:

- LEADERBOARD (728 x 90 px) on Landing page
- FULL BANNER (468 x 60 px) on top of search & item page.
- SQUARE (250 x 250 px) on Item pages.

If you are interested in advertising on Yourshop.lu please send us an email to mina@yourshop.lu and we will send you the full documentation.


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