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Yourshop.lu is Luxembourg’s online Marketplace where every Local Seller can open his own shop.

Yourshop.lu unifies innovative entrepreneurs thinking outside the traditional box. Local Handcrafted and Recycled items which are lovingly made are displayed on Yourshop's platform providing the opportunity to these entrepreneurs to exhibit their creative articles on a new sustainable e-marketplace.

Yourshop.lu is a conception designed by Mina & Thierry Nicola, a young luxembourgish couple devoted to protecting the environment and wanting to build a business promoting ethical awareness. Their vision is to bring a unique dimension to Luxembourg’s Handcraft and Second Hand world giving rise to a new online reality for the 21st century!

Here are some points that motivated Mina & Thierry to invest their time and energy in Yourshop.lu


Luxembourg has got some amazing jewels...
Give them a chance to amaze you!


They say you only need 51 things to be happy.
Reduce your needs.
Reduce your impact on our planet.


Factories make. Factories dispose.
Energies are wasted. Lands are filled.
What about giving our planet a rest while we reuse our possessions?
Your trash might be someone else’s treasure.


Give your trash a new reason to live.
Be creative.
Be inspiring.


And see the joy on people’s face when they receive the gifts!
A unique feeling!
A happy feeling!


Let your village become your oyster.
Get to know your neighborhood...
They might have just what you need!


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